Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Long Fortnight

A busy and varied two weeks – mix of council, business including work for Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). 

Had a heavy start trying to resolve an ongoing issue in my role of school governor, but most of the rest of that week was spent either on FSB – Treasurer work for local & regional AGMs and monthly branch meeting – and other business ‘as usual’.

On the Saturday I attended the first Sparkle ‘Transgender and public integration day’ in the Brangwyn Hall, in part aimed at letting the public know more about the relevant issues. Over 25 stands were there, from advice & information to jewellery & makeup. It carried on into the evening with entertainment provided – some of you may remember the Swinging Blue Jeans who were practising as we were leaving.  From the quote from their website, here above right, it was obviously a very good start to what could be a long tradition of such events. 

Last week was back more in council mode with my regular monthly surgery, then meeting up with fellow councillor Nick Bradley to keep up with both cabinet news and issues affecting our ward. 
On Wednesday I attended community PACT ‘meeting’ – these are held by the police outside in various places across the ward, are often better than meetings in venues, and can also show that you are bothering to go out into your ward, willing to meet residents and listen to any issues they have. 
I went to WLGA Induction Training on Thursday : ‘The first 6 months …’.  As well as lots of useful tips, ideas & advice, I found I knew quite a bit.  But then it’s always helpful to get reassurance you are 'going int he right direction'.  
And finally full council preceded by a special meeting to award 7 former mayors as Aldermen/women.  These long standing councillors were from all walks of life, who no doubt would have had to handle the role of councillor & mayor at the same time as going to work and bringing up a family, and maybe even some hobbies.  Interesting, then, that one of our speakers at the morning’s induction gave the impression that when you become a councillor everything else goes out of the window.  There are times – oh, many MANY times! – when I feel I’m losing the ability to multitask to such a degree, but without all that variety of experience I truly believe that I’d make a very poor councillor indeed.


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