Friday, 18 January 2013

And we’re off – again!

Boy, did I need that break over Christmas! 

Anyone else who runs their own business will know just how disciplined you must be to take time off.  For once I managed to pencil in two weeks when the office was closed which meant I could try and clear the decks a bit, both work and council, and have a few days off.

Back to the grindstone on the 7th, with council work kicking off proper at Tuesday evening’s  PACT meeting.  (These meetings are the ideal place to raise a community issue, with amongst others both councillors & community police present, but unfortunately they aren’t well attended.  Still trying to come up with a good ‘out of the box’ idea to get them to be ‘used’ more so any suggestions most welcome.)  A couple more meetings (plus casework) during the rest of the week but thankfully not too hectic a start for me.

Without taking on too much more I have booked myself on some of the governor training courses, and in this past week I’ve been to one on Finance & Budgets.  As it happens I got there about half way through as it overlapped with Equalities.  I think somebody must have been looking after me as I decided to stay at the meeting.  And when I got to the training they had almost finished going through a long spreadsheet looking at funding, line by line.  Now as an ex trainer even I concede that there’s not much you can do to make these exciting!  Fortunately the second hour was more general, and proactive, and what with the notes handed out I feel it was worthwhile going.

Last meeting for me this week was full council last night – shortest on record surely, finishing in well under an hour.  Home by 6pm which was just as well as spent the next couple of hours wading through and actioning e-mails.  After all that a can of lager never tasted so good!


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